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Penny shares plummet under $ 5

Investors know that the key to profit is return – that is, the willingness to bear risk. The risk is relative, of course, and tends to run hand in hand with the ability to return. Find a stock with a huge revenue potential, more chances, you have found one with a higher risk profile. Higher returns usually come with lower stock prices. After all, when a stock is priced at just retail, even a small profit on the stock price translates into huge returns. This means that penny stocks – these days, which are usually priced below $ 5 – combine the right storm of market attractions: lower stock prices, higher returns and higher risk than usual. Using the Dibrangs database, we have taken a look at three compulsory stocks that fit this profile with the lowest share price and 100% or more reverse potential, according to Wall Street analysts. Let’s start with Syndicum Corporation (CITM) digital cinema with Syndicum, an LA-based entertainment company that specializes in content marketing and distribution. Cynidicum is an independent studio for film, TV and digital production. The company distributes digital media through a variety of content networks. In June, CIDM shares showed a sharp spike when the company announced its partnership with Vewd, the world’s largest OTT software provider for digital vision world’s emerging smart TVs. Customers are moving away from cable TV and towards more and more streaming. Working with a Smart TV software company will provide Synodic access to Wevet’s installed customer base – more than 300 million smart TV sets. Revenue in 2020 is very stable. For Q1, Q2 and Q3, first tier 74 came in at 7.74 million, .0 at 6.02 million and .1 at 7.18 million. The Q3 number is in the middle of that range. However, revenue lost expectations. At 23% of the stock loss, EPS came in at 17 cents below expectations. On a positive note, CITM said it needed a 27% year-on-year increase in sales over its advertising-based video core business .By acquiring shares in Benchmark, 5-star analyst Daniel Kournos points out some reasons why he thinks Cynicum is becoming a very interesting investment proposal, especially at these levels: 1 ) Organic development is still structured, 12 months before the legacy channel sequence strategy reaches the 30 channel milestone; 2) a new high-motivation, streaming roll-up strategy is in the best position to implement Synestic with minimal competition; Not provided, both should ultimately benefit in one post -Govid World. “According to Kournos’ honest position, CITM is evaluating a purchase and his 50 3.50 price target will be shocking over the next 12 months. Ttum 573% represents the space for reverse energy. (Click here to view Guernsey’s track record) Currently, the CITM record contains 2 reviews, which converts the stock into a moderate purchase. The shares are being sold for 53 cents, and the 75 2.75 average price target represents 418% reversal on the one-year horizon. . The company works with Viewer Automation to collect data, link brands, and create a transparent advertising environment on digital channels. Kubiand, a new company on the stock exchange, held its IPO last August. The initial offering totaled .5 12.5 million, selling 2.5 million shares for $ 5 each. In the first few months of general trading, the calendar covers the end of the third quarter, with Cubiant announcing some solid Q3 earnings results. In the first row Q3, 000 rose from 92,000 to 0 280,000. Year-on-year gains were even more impressive, reaching 400%. Maxim analyst Jack Vander Arde believes Kubiant has a strong position to bring about real change in his business. The 5-star analyst writes of the company’s potential: In 2019, advertisers lost B 42B to ad fraud, which is predicted to grow into the B 100B complex by 2023, but Cubient has a game-changing solution called KAI […] 2021 revenue 6 6.6 million, 211% y / y, 2022 revenue 4 17.4M, 164% y / y. Trade is highly scalable and should open up significant dynamics as revenue increases. “For this purpose, Vander Arte estimates the purchase of KBNT at a price of $ 10. This figure represents a reversal of 154% growth from the current stock price of $ 4. (Click here to view Vander Arte’s track record) The Orion Group Holdings (ORN) construction industry brings home construction and hard hats to great heights, which is a regular experience for most of us. But Orion Group Holdings holds a special place in the industry, focusing on civil marine construction, industry and commercial concrete. Each owns subsidiaries that focus on a different location, and allows some key – albeit less-recognized – people in the construction industry to develop their skills. The company’s share price through this year shows both its recession and the importance of construction to the industrial economy. Shares of ORN plummeted in the middle of winter when the corona virus hit the economy hard by forcing locking policies – but as the economy reopened it reached the ground again, and at that time made up more than half of its losses. However, overall, the ORN is still down 20% year-on-year. Orion’s quarterly financial results also show the story. The company recorded a series of losses in Q1, but has since shown gains. In the third quarter of the calendar, ORN reported 9 189 million in the first row. This year EPS performed even better, beating the forecast in Q1 when the loss was expected and the actual result was 8% per share gain – and 23 cents per share or 187% above the forecast, in Q3. At the end of November Orion’s concrete division won three major contracts in Texas. These projects are located in the Houston area, totaling approximately $ 52 million. Nobel laureate Bo Fratt believes this stock has room for growth and provides returns to investors. He writes, “[We] Trust that the current stock price will not reflect much of the ISG restructuring improvements and positive outlook. The combination of above-average backlinks, improved profitability, lower financial efficiency and an attractive rating of 2.8x 2020E EBITDA and 2.4x 2021E supports our view that the risk / reward profile is mandatory. “Frat’s $ 8.25 price target is up 101% next year. He rates the shares as Outperform (i.e. Buy). (Click here to view Fratt’s track record) The latest two buy ratings on the ORN make the analyst’s consensus view a moderate purchase. 13 The average price target of 8.13 indicates 100% growth potential for next year. The shares are currently trading at 08 4.08. . 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