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French diver and proud

Founded in 1948, the watchmaker YEMA has officially announced the launch of its new Superman 500 website, with the indoor YMA 2000 caliber fitted, water-resistant up to 500m and available in vintage black dial or contemporary blue dial. A modernized construction and technological upgrades have been made to establish it as the ultimate French professional diver watch. Count 1,190 euros.

Yoma Superman500

Superman was first marketed in 1963. At that time, this famous immortal timepiece was selected by the French Air Force to equip its pilots. This model was also selected for major French expeditions (Serge Debru, Globe-Trotter; Lionel Terre and Robert Barrock, top climbers).

Much later, in 2017, the Superman brand (Bisontin Ambre group) relaunched an almost identical version of the original model, after which the watch came in several versions and variations.

Today, this historical diver returns to its probably the most efficient version. Very serious. Very final. In fact, the Superman 500 is the model of all superlatives: a manufa caliper And 500 meters water resistance.

Yoma Superman500

This The Superman 500 will be available online tomorrow, June 29 at 4pm in 39 or 41mm black or blue dial. ; The first series with 200 copies in numbered editions is engraved with the unique number from 001 to 200. Do not delay to deliver in the first week of July 2022, take a vacation at sea and test in real condition.

For almost two years, we have been imagining and working on the evolution of the Superman model. It is our desire to bring this legendary model of our collection, technological advances and modernized construction while preserving its iconic design. Yama officials say.

Thus, popular Glass holder “Superman’s most characteristic and central part, patented by the brand at the time, has been redesigned to ensure a perfect fit between the crown tube and the bezel stopper. So the latter is more stable.

Yoma Superman500

To do thisMention the designers, We had to redesign the bezel and all the elements of the crown. Additional holes in the bezel allow optimal travel for the most precise alignment of the bowl spring and bezel plug. “.

On the other hand, the architecture of the crown has been completely redesigned. The length of the tube between the crown and the bezel lock is adjusted, which provides better notching and better stability. In fact, when set to torque and time, unscrewed, the crown provides an increased sense of rigidity and quality.

In addition, our ambition was to provide a basic technical upgrade that would allow it to be repaired even on the surface of the water before sinking. Follow these French diver designers. The crown arrangement provides greater rigidity when a new arrangement of seals is in use, but above all the 3 straps in the unscrewed crown position benefit from water resistance. Now the bezel on the water surface and its bezel can adjust the layout of the boot “.

Yoma Superman500

For the rest, the Superman 500 features a double-bubble sapphire crystal 2.60 mm thick. The latter offers better readability, increased resistance and a more solid vintage look (especially on the model with the black dial and cream markings).

The glass is reduced by 0.3 mm in height, 0.6 mm wide in its outer diameter, and 2.6 mm thick, making it more resistant to the ejected area with its so-called DNA. Ice Box ”format.

In order to deliver this new Superman with a water resistance of 50 bars or 500 m, the main characteristic of a diver is that the bottom of the case goes from 1.5mm to 2.2mm thick. We find the famous Historical Ema Code of Arms stamped by Hydraulic Press and are currently being treated in the best possible way to obtain relief through various microplasty procedures.

Yoma Superman500

On the dial side, we switched from the standard grade Superluminova to the more efficient BGW9 grade A Superluminova, which ensures increased readability. A base point for a diver. The graduated bezel and glowing arrow-shaped hand glow mark provide the diver with precise marking of dive time in poor visibility at very deep depths.

On the engine side, this Superman is powered by 500 optimal parts. In fact, it embeds the Yema2000 caliper inside its dive, which offers slightly higher performance than competing calipers with daily +/- 10 s / d and 42 hours of power balance. It should be noted that this movement has no corresponding peak at the level of its date disk and crown.

It should be noted that the fastening system between the caliper and the center is modified to ensure better retention of motion and thus increases its resistance to shocks and vibrations.

Yoma Superman500

Removal of the date function allows an elegant and highly compatible dial design with perfectly symmetrical elements. All of this gives a sober result while improving its readability.

In the blue version, the color of the aluminum bezel and matte dial (with white markings) changes from dark blue to blue-black metallic shade depending on the amount of light. In the black version, the aluminum bezel is black, which is a glossy dial with cream markings that reinforces the antique look of this version.

The 316L steel bracelet has an extension so it can be adjusted easily and quickly in the diving suit.

In addition, the new FKM Wheaton strap, specially designed for the Superman 500, has been studied for intensive use in all extreme conditions, thanks to its light, flexible and highly resistant witten material and dust resistance. The latter is fitted with a folding grip on the 316L EG. Finally, for everyday use, a brown leather strap emphasizes the new-vintage look of the Superman 500.

In the last phase, the Franco-Swiss Jura Arc is further integrated, with Yema now working with new local packaging suppliers for a more responsible and better quality product. Located 15km from the workshops, Vertonor is one of the leading suppliers working with the largest watch brands.

* Maximum slip +/- 25 seconds per day

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