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The future Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone towards continuous optical zoom?

The future Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone towards continuous optical zoom?

According to some forecasters, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Mobile could bring a nice innovation in the field of photography: continuous optical zoom.

This is just the beginning of the first rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S22. But if we lend to the game here, the reason is that the technology mentioned is interesting and will obviously be implemented on many mobiles in the coming years. According to Sammobile, An expert on the news from the South Korean company Samsung Electro Mechanics and Samsung LSI has developed a periscope zoom lens that allows continuous optical zoom. Of course, some see this as a sign that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be fitted, allowing it to switch seamlessly between 3x and 10x zoom.

The use of such a zoom can theoretically improve the quality and sharpness of the image and save image restoration work on the phone. What’s more, a continuous zoom camera of 3x to 10x will theoretically allow you to remove the 10x camera from the Samsung S21 Ultra or switch to another camera.

For some time now, smartphones have been constantly fitted with periscopic zoom lenses. Recently it Sony Xperia 1 III It released its variable focal length zoom, but here too, its function is based on changing invariably from one focal length to another.

The whistleblower Galaxy S22 Ultra is rumored to be Samsung’s flagship camera with an underlined selfie camera and AMD GPU. This last information should also be confirmed as the next Exynos will be developed with the participation of AMD.

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