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The first update for the PlayStation 5 will be released tomorrow

The first update for the PlayStation 5 will be released tomorrow

“Testem” is currently in early access to the PlayStation 5. Little by little, more content will be added and further improved until the final version is released. The MMO, reminiscent of “Pokemon” due to small creatures, will receive its first update for the PlayStation 5 tomorrow.

New Island and Mythical Creatures

Chipanku’s global design is based on the theme of electricity and digital, and it should combine technology and tradition. Accordingly, the rare digital genre Temtem will be home for the first time on the island. These have their own type, a weakness against water and electro, but they also work against mental, war and digital. They also resist poisoning.

In addition to the island, a new feature will be introduced: now you have mythological temples, which you can only find in special places. You can explore the so-called hideouts with three to five players, five of which are recommended. Each must divide their own way, which is created approximately, but the resources collected are shared by the whole group. Another special feature: do not take your regular team with you, you need to connect with each other.

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Another new feature is the popular fast travel system. To use this, you must have completed a one-page search in Nyoto. You can then charge to various destinations in the archipelago, and transport to an air port will be free.

To find your way, your team must be at least 50 levels up to date. If you do not succeed in one of the challenging hideouts, you can do it again whenever you want.

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