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Application clips go better with Dictoc

Application clips go better with Dictoc

Since the end of last year, Dictoc has been testing the app clips feature that appeared with iOS 14, and now it seems to be accessible to a greater number of people.. The policy of application clips is to show the smallest version of the application to the user (not more than 10 MB) without downloading the entire application.

However, it is sufficient to provide some services such as renting a fast scooter, ordering food or, in the case of dicto, watching videos without registering with the service. To do more, you need to download the entire app (read the app clips: Apple shreds to show apps better).

Without having to install the app and create an account on this service, Dictoc offers itself well into app clips as you may want to watch some videos shared by an acquaintance.

An application clip was received on messages on an iPhone that did not have Dictoc installed

You can scroll through the content of the DictoClip app to review other videos, but it is recommended that you continue to download the entire app and use all of its functions (such as comments or favorites).

On the right, the clip application is seen as a dictoc mini application

If you also want to use beta versions of Dictoc, there is There are still places Sign up for a test flight and receive them immediately.

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