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The first screen shots are a feast for hardcore fans

The first screen shots are a feast for hardcore fans

The remake of the classic roll-flaming game Gothic was announced some time ago, but so far the developer has kept a low profile on the information. Little by little, the studio distributes new information and screen shots about the upcoming game, a real feast for the eyes of fans of the game of roll-flaming.

The Gothic remake now has its own steam side

Sports Gothic Already 20 years old, of course today’s graphics quality can no longer be maintained. But it will work With the upcoming remake Change when posted screen shots prove.

(Built in: THQ Nordic)

On the official Steam page, the developer talks about the original “full remake of the original Gothic 1”, but of course there will be one or the other improvement. Obviously, the game gets not only completely revised graphics, but anything Modernized war systemIt brings the original method to modern times.

It is not yet known when the game will be released. We will keep you updated!

Junior Game of the Argania Series:

Original article from March 15, 2021:

A remake of the legendary role-playing game is available

Stock games don’t go out of style, everyone is talking about a few. One of them is now getting a remake after 20 years of good reception from the released demo gamers.

Gothic: The famous RPG is back

Yes, even for the 2001 standards, the game was there Gothic Not exactly an eye catcher. In response, RPG players were attracted even by today’s standards of a complex nature Is still interesting. The game seems to breathe new life.

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In 2019, THQ Nordic has a surprise Demo for a remake of the iconic RPG Released in 2001. The studio wanted to know if fans would be interested in the revised version, and it seems that the developer can expect positive feedback. Shortly after the demo was released, a new studio was established.High quality RPGs“To work including the Gothic remake.

Gothic remake: Growth is already in full swing

Studio in 2020 Alchemy Interactive Established to work on new project. The studio currently employs more than 35 developers and is currently searching Other employees.

Improved graphics are already evident in the demo:

The announcement of the remake also confirms that development is already in full swing In the coming months Additional information about the project will follow. We will keep you updated!