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Fraud in Milan, new investigation in Milan: "Air charges 9 cents for every webpage visited by mobile phone"

Fraud in Milan, new investigation in Milan: “Air charges 9 cents for every webpage visited by mobile phone”

He charged an unreasonably small amount – 9 cents for each open webpage – to do Rarely felt The Withdrawal in the bill. Thus, step Milan State Attorney’s Office, Phone Operator WindTre Performed a Corruption Harm to users by making purchases Large scale profit. The discovery was made as part of an extensive investigation into the telescope spent Monday, September 27th Prevention epilepsy From 313 thousand euros In accounts Two companies acting as providers To the Telecommunications Team. In January, a seizure 21 million euros Instead it is about the amount received from the percentages Services are activated by fraudulent methods By other suppliers.

Reported by Courier della sera, During the investigation it was found to be an expense Nine cents Euros were immediately recorded on the invoice As always customers “They got off“Its Some web pages. However, without more than all of these Total ceiling of one euro per month, So that the individual customer should not be skeptical. For investigators, two other companies are involved: Pronunciation, Provided Windreway with the technology platform between February and June 2020, e.g. SuccessIt has contracted content manufacturers of telecommunications companies since 27 December 2019. Not surprisingly, the seizure took place on their bank deposits: for equal amounts, respectively 204 million e 109 thousand euros. Apart from this, Vetria is the CEO Luca Tomasini And then executive and operational directors Alessandro Brilli e Simon Bolverini Is explored for the hypothesis of Computer fraud. Vetria just yesterday signed a contract for high-speed connection with OpenFiber.

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To the investigators, as reported by the newspaper via Solperino, the mission a Disagreement Of Vetria, which at that time covered all the roles of the supply chain: from sales to content production to their integration and the management of the department’s call centers. Function, which, Not allowed By Resolution 108 of 2019Communication for Agcom-Officers.

Even before this new trend, investigators recognized another Fraud plan basicallySurprising implementation of additional services (Games, ringtones, weather, horoscopes, rumors) on SIM cards of unsuspecting users Invalid banner ads. They were in this business Content companies No Bright Moby e Yum Through the Technology Center Pure brothers. Accenture and Victory took over the investigation, which is in a center according to the investigation Disagreement He hid the lid in time for the facts All the vessels of the supply chainBusiness Center for WindTre, Content creatorContrary to the Telecommunications Authority’s 2019 Resolution 108, Tim is also the presenter of content producers and the manager of the department’s call center.

Meanwhile, according to data provided by Windrey to AgCom, Functions collapsed As a result of the survey, the rules should be changed and the user who wants additional service should be asked Remove the preset lockReported by: Courier service, The activated company has 8 million and 278 thousand customers Blocking, Have expressed their desire to deactivate it At 390.