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The first 2 free Xbox Live Gold games of January 2021 can now be downloaded

The first 2 free Xbox Live Gold games of January 2021 can now be downloaded

A new year is approaching and Gold or Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now get two games.

Xbox Live

We are already in 2021 and although a lot of things have to be left behind, traditions still exist. Like downloading related free games from Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate subscription. You can now get our hands on an Xbox One game and another Xbox 360 game, however they serve you if you have to Xbox Series Thanks to the lagging compatibility of the Microsoft family of games.

The first of these was Little Nightmares, which created a horror video game Studios Dorsier Despite the quiet look, it hides moments that put our hearts in a fist and chaotic situation. We take control Six, Who is trapped in a place called Los Mouse, has to try to get out of there. She is insecure and she must be prosperous to do this. It is available for download throughout January, and you can find out more in our analysis.

If you like a classic fighting game, we can claim it with gold, however until January 15, King XIII of Fighters, More than 30 characters And the frantic war that expresses the SNK style.

Keep in mind that you can also download Fleet 2, a shot to fight against multiple enemies until January 15th. Dodge the bullets and divert Eliminate powerful end bosses.

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