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The 'famous Japanese studio' is said to be creating the new Silent Hill

The ‘famous Japanese studio’ is said to be creating the new Silent Hill

While it is unlikely that Blooper’s tease refers to a Silent Hill project, it does mean that Konami has confirmed the production of two separate projects. Because according to VGC information, a “Major Japanese studio“We are already developing a new chapter of the series on behalf of Konami.

Almost nine years later Silent Hill Townpur, Such an announcement will finally draw attention back to ownership after some sparks erupted from the partner Who died during the day Or origin Silent Hill 4: Room At Two VGC sources said that Konami had approached Supermassive Games as part of its search for ownership renewal (Until dawn, Medhan Man, Little Hope) For the purpose of considering a Restart Silent Hill, without reaching an agreement.

If the term “Famous Japanese studio“Leaving a lot of possibilities, keep in mind that we can at least exclude Kojima Productions Confident Andy Robinson, essayist and former developer. As we recall, Hideo Kojima was about to restart ownership with this project. Silent Hills, Including celebrity B.D. Deliciously referred to as an aperitif because it was brilliant. This was before the creator of Metal Gear left Konami to find his own studio.

Such as failures of recent housing efforts Metal Gear Survive And Contra: Rock Corps It would have pushed Konami’s management to turn more and more to external partners in order to restart its passive ownership. So similar to Silent Hill, but Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania. However, in reality, we will be many more years away to see these owners come back.

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