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How to use, download and more

How to use, download and more

The Government of India has launched Sandus, a new instant messaging app available for free on Android and iOS smartphones. The application developed by the National Information Center (NIC) has a similar functionality to WhatsApp, however it has the added benefit. Unlike WhatsApp, Sandus allows users to sign in using an email ID other than their phone number. However, logging in via email ID is currently restricted to government officials, although this may change in the future once the application attracts a large user base. The government has not yet shared the details of the application, but the new news site may be brought in by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Atmanirbar Bharat (India Autonomous) for international applications to compete amid pressure for a digital India.

IOS users can download the Sandus app through the Apple App Store, while Android users can download the APK file through the Gyms portal. For Apple users, the application is compatible with at least iOS / iPadOS 12.0 running iPhones, iPods and iPod Touch. The official description of the app says that the news site allows you to connect with government officials, friends and family. “Your chats are secure with end-to-end encryption. The platform supports audio / video calling and media and file sharing, ”explains. Like WhatsApp, other features of Santos include contact sharing, messaging style, message tag, backup and reset, phone book sync, group chat, chat areas, news broadcast. At the bottom of the page, users can access chats, contacts, groups and accounts. Similarly, if information is provided, the Contacts tab shows the name of the individual.

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As mentioned, signing in with an email ID is for government credentials only, and if you try to sign up with a Gmail, Hotmail, or other email account the application will show that the domain is not recognized. Currently, only email credentials ending in “@” can be used. Additionally, as gadgets 360 first pointed out, the Santos app does not allow users to change their cell phone number or email id after registration, and users have to delete their profile to use messages. Contact information. On the other hand, WhatsApp has a unique number change feature that allows you to easily switch from an old phone number to a new one without deleting your profile. The publication says that the government is working on a second application called samvat, which refers to dialogue.

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In addition, the Sandus app supports verified accounts for government employees – according to screen shots available on the Apple App Store. It also supports chat backups to the user’s preferred external location, including email. WhatsApp, on the other hand, only allows chat backups on Google Drive (for Android) and iCloud (for iOS). The government has launched Made in India, a Digibox cloud storage service, as part of the Atmanirbar Bharat drive. It offers 256GB of free data and offers rivals Google Drive and Apple iCloud.