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The emulation is already going to 8K

The emulation is already going to 8K

The prototype of the Nintendo Switch is constantly being followed. We are now talking about the ability to emulate games in 8K.

Nintendo Switch OLED Dock

Nintendo Switch OLED Doc // Source: Anthony Vonner – Frontroid

In early October, Talked about Nintendo Switch Emulation By allowing you to launch games that are marketed with better graphics quality and better performance than the Nintendo Switch. A serious problem that is still marketed for a console. The worst thing is that you can steal games from third-party publishers and play them on the computer, while the PC version of these games is not plagiarized, especially thanks to Denovo Security.

Nintendo Switch problems do not end there.

The Yusu prototype is now targeting 8K

Among the Nintendo Switch prototypes for computers, the Yuzu seems to be the most popular and well-maintained today. This prototype was created by the Patron support program, which allows some people to access new functions before anyone else. This weekend, the latest version of Yusu introduced an important innovation: a new resolution gauge.

This function allows the switch to extend the rendering definition of the game to the highest definitions. Thus, a game running at 720p or 900p on the Nintendo Switch can be revealed even in 4K or 8K. Recent rumors still point to pregnancy The Nintendo Switch console is compatible with 4K displays, What can be allowed Theoretically OLED switch dock, The PC emulation will already be taken to the next level.

This change to the emulator will fix many graphics issues. Only two titles apply to this new rendering system. These are Crash Bandicoot 4 and Paper Mario The Origami King.

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It is difficult to know how Nintendo will respond to the evolution of prototypes. Keep in mind that emulation making is completely legal, and downloading or sharing copies of business games is illegal.