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The discipline of short rental and vacation homes

The discipline of short rental and vacation homes

Lease agreement for residential properties outside of commercial activities, entered into by individuals, lasting not more than 30 days a Short lease.

Short-term rentals i Rental contracts for holiday homes.

So let’s talk Leasing for tourism purposes Should be the following Assumptions:

Ten Temporary tenant housing is characterized by demand, instability and extreme.

Or the specific indication of the purpose of the tour is that it is necessary to determine the amount of rent and the duration of the contract, and the lease agreement should prevent the transition of a tourist rental to a primary or temporary residence for work or study purposes.

If these conditions are met, applicable discipline can be identified and in particular:

Rules generally mandated by the Civil Code for leasing

No. The inconsistency of the limits specified in Act No. 431/1998 regarding the duration of the contract and the amount of the rent (excluding the need to prepare the most favorable discipline to protect the lessee in the absence of a primary housing requirement).

Le so-called short leases (less than 30 days), the reference rule is Article 4 of Legislative Order 50/2017

To deepen the issue of compliance with the tourism lease agreement of the discipline of short rentals, A legal Gives you a special on the topic Travel Leasing: Short-Term Discipline – Definition, Regulation, Flat Rate Tax and Formula It analyzes:

  • New definition of “short rent”: applicable law
  • First contract regulation for short rent in Italy.
  • Agencia del’Entrade: Explanations on the Tax Terms for Short Leases and Obligations to be Accepted by Intermediaries
  • Primary Non-Housing Requirement: Opinion on change in the Fair Rent Act
  • VAT minus
  • News of the 2021 Budget Act: Flat Rate Coupon and Entrepreneur Speculation
  • Most representative accents
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The special ends with the formula Home lease agreement for tourism purposes.

Download the free special and ask for 30 days free access to all the contents of a law, the Walters Clover Digital solution, which holds complete archives of Floris, Sydam, Utd Curitica, signed law, judiciary and theory. ‘Italy, IPSOA; All news and feedback will be updated regularly; Practical-functional tools from description, commentary, notes to sentence and most valuable signatures.

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