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cambio canali digitale terrestre

The digital landscape needs to be reclaimed: there are two new broadcasters

Then Changes to the HSE package Mid-February and that Mux Quenza 1, Quenza 2 and Telelibertà Last week, now it’s a turn Max Studio 1. Again, users in certain regions may need to retrieve their decoder or TV to continue viewing all channels.

However, changes in the frequencies cause a discrepancy in the channel number, so we will see more changes in the coming days. Because it is basically a copy of different LCN but channels with the same programming. The Frequency balletSo, this week continues as planned Turn off the calendar At the old digital terrain standard, it will be completely replaced by the new DVP-T2 standard in June 2022, at which time the old signal will be turned off across the national territory.

Digital landscape, channel changes

From theory to practice: which channels change, where. Two new channels are coming to Max Studio 1 in Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Valle de Asta: This is a copy Galaxy TV (Identified as Galaxy TV2) and a copy of it Studio Live.

The Galaxy TV will then be available on LCN 170 and 183, and the MBEG2 will be available in standard resolution with abbreviation, while Studio Live on LCN 178 and 179 will again be available at standard resolution but h.

We need to get back

To see these new channels, in the areas mentioned above, you need TV or decoder tuning, At the end of this we will see the number two clash with Max Canale Italy’s existing Italia TV3 on LCN 170 and 179.