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The Destiny 2 Beyond Lite update will re-download the entire game - Gaming News

The Destiny 2 Beyond Lite update will re-download the entire game – Gaming News

Destiny 2: Beyond Lite is set to release this November, and is still set to be one of the biggest upgrades, reducing the game by almost half – however the update needs to be downloaded by all players when it is released.

It may not be as painful as it sounds – looking at the amount of content that the game cuts out, the size of the game is reduced by about 40% – so it has to be able to handle a lot more to download. Bungie suggested that the Sleeker package fixes bugs and makes it easier to work on releases that are close to the wire.

Because of all these changes, BeyondLite will have a full re-download on all platforms — we know it can be painful for those with a slow or metered internet connection, and we apologize for that. To reduce this, we plan to launch Beyond Light preloads on the evening of November 9, Pacific time, giving everyone at least 10 hours to download before the gates open.

The game engine seems to have a great integrity, which allows the bungee to respond very quickly to show-stop bugs and other problems. We know this is not the newest game engine, and Bungie seems to have settled most of their technical debt.

True, since the face building system has been completely overhauled, your character may also come through a change that looks a little different. This promises more player customizations and options with road widening, but that means your Guardian will “look a little different” after the update goes live.

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The update will be released on November 10th.