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kirby et le monde oublie nintendo switch date de sortie

Check out Kirby and the Forgotten World for free before releasing!

Nintendo offers its players an amazing demo of Kirby and the Forgotten World before its March 25 release. How to participate?

Kirby and the forgotten world One of the most anticipated Nintendo Switch games of 2022 A great announcement, The game has already provided three trailers, one of which was recently released. In the latter, we provide in more detail what the adventures of the young Kirby are between fights and wacky transitions. Look at the pictures below that you have never seen before.

In this video, we are entitled to a few minutes of play Kirby and the forgotten world Before the release of the game, we will quickly explore the different and different contexts that we can overcome, the forces that we can use, the objects that can transform us, as well as the different ones. Ways to play the title. A preview of some employers is also available!

All this, you can test yourself from March 25th Kirby and the forgotten world Thanks for the free demo available on Nintendo Switch or now provided by Nintendo. Surprisingly announced, this demo allows you to get a small preview of the game by confronting one of the bosses of the game. Nintendo explains: ” Explore Natureplane alone or in pairs and fight the terrifying Goricholosas in the taste of Kirby’s new adventures in 3D!

How to play Kirby demo?

To take advantage of the free demo, nothing can be simpler. On your Nintendo Switch go to the Nintendo EShop and go to the “Discover” tab. From there, click on the image Kirby and the forgotten world And click “Download Demo Version”. When done, the download will start automatically and you will be able to enjoy a small portion of the game for free. Not only for demo subscribers Nintendo Switch OnlineIt is open to all.

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To get it when the full game is available, you can pre-order the title via the Nintendo eShop or through retailer sites.

I take advantage of Amazon’s offer for Kirby and the forgotten world