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The Celestial Sisters Ershaint Morning 8. February • Nintendo Connect

The Celestial Sisters Ershaint Morning 8. February • Nintendo Connect

Cooperative Puzzle Adventure will be released on February 8, 2022 Zoria: The Celestial Sisters Including crossplay and split-screen functionality for PC and Nintendo switches. The lovingly crafted game tells the story of two sisters, the gods of the sun and night, who want to reunite after they split up. Gradually the most difficult puzzles stand in their way, which they can only master together.

Even the latest trailer Zoria Provides insights into story and game:

The winner of the Ubisoft Montreal Game Lab competition, offers adventure games Zoria: The Celestial Sisters Players – and their game partner – face increasingly complex puzzles as they travel through different parts of the Viraj land, a world devastated by the sun. Soldiers control the almighty sun god Solva, who can use the immeasurable energy of the sun to control the time or night of the night god, who must always be in the shade. The purpose of the game is to finally reunite the separated sisters.

Cooperation between the two is essential to guide the sisters in this sleepless world. So offers Zoria: The Celestial Sisters Allows cross-play between players on both split-screen and online co-op, as well as PC and Nintendo Switch. Friend Boss lets you invite friends who do not own the title to play along.