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Letter: A Horror Novel | Test – NMag

No game has already created its genre in its title. Letter: A horror visual novel promises how the verse sounds.

The Nintendo Switch Edition of The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel is based on the 2017 Philippines game. Adventure gives us a total of seven different characters to carry the story forward. Starting with real estate agent Isabella Santos, who, along with her co-worker Rose, wants to sell the distant and mysterious Ermencard estate to a man (or woman), all the storyline revolves around the horror of exposing this nasty estate. Isabella looks horrified in the eyes from the arrival of her first game. A horrible look takes care of it.

Elegant line

In our opinion, the game divides much into its horror and visual novel categories. After the first scary break, The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel wants to scare us again. Meanwhile, the story of Isabella and her work will be spread, and her friends and acquaintances will also pay attention. If we still find that the dynamics between Isabella and her colleague Rose are so successful, it does not apply to the many characters who cannot keep our interest equal.

Horror is inspired by classic Asian horror charges like The Ring or The Grutz. This means that in addition to a good horror situation, jump fear is also waiting for the player. In addition to this very superficial but effective horror genre, there is a very banal horror, i.e. quick time events. However, these are unnecessary because we only escape from demonic conflicts by repeatedly hitting the key.

Taste is one thing

These quick-time events are considered the only “perfect” form of the game. Otherwise, The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel is the classic representative of its genre: the characters are referred to as 2D models, and engages us in text boxes to read and English voice acting, thus moving the story forward. Interestingly, the menu bar that leads to options, save menus and text speed controls can not really be hidden. This way, this interface element will always be in the bottom corner. Very strange.

The figures have their charm, but unfortunately we do not fit into the character design. The backgrounds are beautifully designed and provide a little dynamic with small animations. However, the figures are painted in a colorful comic style, which is interchangeable and does not match the horror theme. If you want to invest in The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel, you’ll get a comprehensive visual novel with horror features, multiple endings and timeless narratives – but the title is not the best of its kind.

Written by Jonas Meyer


My favorite in The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel is the first horror insert and subsequent story moments. The game can actually shock both positive and negative jump fans, and I find some of the characters interesting. Unfortunately, for me, this strength dilutes very quickly with so many potty dialogues and boring characters, so I really liked the more comprehensive game rather than the short game. I am surprised at the slightly animated background, because even the static image of the entrance hall gets more profile with a slightly swinging chandelier.

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