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The boy, 6, was devastated when the Super Mario Nintendo game he opened for his birthday was empty

The boy, 6, was devastated when the Super Mario Nintendo game he opened for his birthday was empty

A schoolboy was left ‘disappointed’ after opening a new computer game on his birthday – only to find the box was empty.

Cole Gibbs had asked Daddy Colin for a Super Mario party for a Nintendo Switch as a gift for his sixth birthday.

Mr. Gibbs Told Derbyshire Live He is for the subject at Sainsbury’s in Swatlinkot. 49.99, and the incident marked the ‘removal of the glow’ on his son’s special day.

He again complained to the Civic Way supermarket and was told that computer games were not guaranteed, they were sealed before they arrived, and he had to take the matter up with Nintendo.

The 51-year-old said he hit the head office in Sainsbury’s and says he was told the same thing.

However, he says the Japanese game developer told him there was an issue between Sainsbury and its supplier.

Church Gressley Man Colin went back to the store with a letter of advice from the citizens, who said he was responsible for fixing it as the supermarket had sold the product. Two days later, he says the store apologized, agreed to change the game and added the Lego set as an extra birthday gift.

By then, however, Cole’s birthday – November 21 – had gone four days earlier.

Now Colin wants to thank the store for his decision to change the game, but also wants to warn people about what happened to him.

The boss of production management services based in Gloucester, his own auto parts company, said: “Cole loved his Mario games and really liked it, but when he opened the box, he was not happy.

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“It took a shine on his birthday and it made me so excited that day. I’m sorry my son was disappointed.

“I’m very grateful that Sainsbury’s came to their decision, but I want to let people know that I found out that games purchased from Sainsbury’s are not guaranteed.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: “Mr. Gibbs’ experience is extraordinary and all of our console games are sealed by the manufacturer.

“We understand that this would have been very disappointing for Mr Gibbs and his son.

“We apologize and try to keep this right by changing the game and arranging the Lego set as a gesture of goodwill as a late birthday gift.”

Nintendo was approached for comment.