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Random: Banjo-Kasui Creator responds to Dio's Bittersweet Cameo in the latest Smash trailer

Random: Banjo-Kasui Creator responds to Dio’s Bittersweet Cameo in the latest Smash trailer

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate What they see on the battlefield has come to be unbelievable to most soldiers. It is gone from the addition Sonic thorn pig And Back-man From Steve and Alex Minecraft, Now the latest revelation Final Fantasy VIIThe enemy of Zebedee.

Among these are the famous twins of the Rare, Banjo-Kasui. In fact, at this year’s Sports Awards, Zebroth’s revealed trailer featured a scene with Bear and Bird Inclining and Sonic. How does this feel to Steve Males, the father of Banjo and Kasui? A fan asked this question on Twitter shortly after the new fighter was revealed. Overall, this is Bittersweet:

Some follow-up tweets highlighted how Nintendo has fared better with Panjo-Kasu than Microsoft has done in recent years:

“It’s great to see them animated with modern visuals, and the writing design for them is so embarrassing that it’s a shame Microsoft didn’t use them, at least not as symbols for advertising.”

Banjo’s last perfect trip on the Xbox Banjo-Kasui: Nuts & Bolts During the 360 ​​generation in 2008, not everyone was a fan of the game’s automotive dynamics since then, they were even earlier than that time.

Steve notes how “more optimistic” Banjo-Kasui is in the future. What are your own thoughts on this? Do you think this character deserves some more love from Microsoft? Need to update this rare logo? Share your thoughts below.