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The big party, the smallest (video game) TONSPION

The big party, the smallest (video game) TONSPION

Started as a small party game in 1998, it has grown into Nintendo’s largest party series over the years. The “Mario Party DS” for Nintendo DS is one of the few Mario parties to appear for Nintendo’s portable consoles.

Publisher: Nintendo

Year of issue: 2007

Platforms: Nintendo DS, Wii U eShop

As the name implies, “Mario Party” is a party game. One to four players can compete with each other here. Vacancies are filled with computer-controlled figures. The game takes place on one of several game boards. The purpose is to collect coins to buy stars waiting on board. However, there will always be only one star on the board and once a player reaches it, he changes his position. The one who gets the most stars in the end wins the game.

Small party

There is a big difference in “Mario Party DS” compared to other Mario party parts: Mario and his friends are small. The devious and cruel way I treat them would probably upset her a little. Everything looks great now, including the game boards. A music room, a flower garden or a dilapidated Donkey Kong – tiny spaces for a party can now become the center of competition for little heroes.

There are two main modes in the game: adventure mode and party mode. In adventure mode, the player must fight and win on all playing boards. There is one boss on each board and the player must defeat the boss in the mini-game after his victory. In party mode, you can freely choose the game board and game settings. A party goes through a certain number of rounds, in which each player throws his dice in succession. There is a mini game at the end of each round. The game roughly selects one of several mini-games in which participants compete with each other. The mini-game winner (s) will receive coins.

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Coins are not only for stars, but there are also shops where you can buy useful items such as “double block” or “half block”, for example, allowing him to roll the dice twice. In addition to items from the item store, there are “trick fields” that the player can collect. Tactical squares are traps that can be placed on top of ordinary squares. It is activated when another player lands on it. Tactical fields have a variety of effects, for example coins or even stars can be stolen from the player who lands on them.

Mario Party DS (Photo: Nintendo)

Endless mini-game fun

Mini games also follow the miniature theme of the game. In “Railing Glider” the little heroes have to browse a vaccine on a sheet of paper and fly as far as they can or in “Fluff on the Run” they have to run from a vacuum cleaner and avoid obstacles like marbles buttons. The mini-games in “Mario Party DS” are not only a refreshing change, they are also a lot of fun.

There is even a separate system for many mini-games. The game’s mini-game mode allows you to play all the mini-games directly and whenever you want. But that’s not all: in “Climbing Combat”, the player must win a series of selected mini-games in order to reach the end of a staircase first. However, in the “Election Cup”, the player can freely choose mini-games. The winner of most mini-games wins the trophy.

In the “points hunt” the player stands in front of ten pre-determined mini-games in which he must collect as many points as possible. “Rum-Randall” means not only how many mini-games you can win, but also any games. The goal is to reach the spacecraft in the middle. To do this, the player must beat certain parts of the road to create a path, but not everything fits. Get the right components first to achieve the goal.

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Mario Party DS (Photo: Nintendo)
Mario Party DS (Photo: Nintendo)

Collect props

For each party or every mini-game completed in mini-game mode, the player receives Mariopardi points. If you collect enough points, the game rewards you with medals and characters that the player can see in the gallery.

Aside from medals and attributes, there are many other things. Individual props on game boards can be opened by various tasks in the gallery, for example a flower pot from the garden or a trumpet from the music room. Tasks are extended in each mode of the game. Beat the mini-game methods, take first place at the banquets and break records. Props have a lot to do with the player.

Mario Party DS (Photo: Nintendo)
Mario Party DS (Photo: Nintendo)


Unlike most Mario Party titles, “Mario Party DS” is a handheld game aimed at single players. You only need a copy of the game to play with your friends. However, each player requires their own Nintendo DS system (the virtual console version of the Wii U eShop does not have multiplayer). Still, Mario Party DS is one of the best Mario party parts for single player. The miniature theme of the game is fresh and refreshing, and the mini-games on the Mario Party DS are especially entertaining.

With its many modes, missions and extra features that can’t be opened, it looks like a “Mario Party DS”: a single player Mario party.

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