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Astro Go Download Feature

The Astro Geo mobile app now includes a new download feature

Astro has announced that it has added a new download feature to its Astro Geo mobile app on Android, iOS and Huawei devices. Now this newly introduced capability allows users to download their favorite shows on their mobile devices and enjoy them while offline.


The company noted that the new feature is currently being offered as a package to all users of the app, so for some it may take a while. Once accessed, Astro claims that more than 85% of its content will be downloaded by Astro GO. These include local and international shows such as Running Man, Egen Ali’s first two seasons, Astro Best and Astro first titles.

The download feature is very simple and straightforward to use. First, look for your favorite content through Astro GO’s application search function and then click the Download button. From there, users will be given an option to select the quality of the download: high, standard or below. Astro noted that there will be no limits on the number of downloaded content, and users can download the same footage as many times as they like.

All downloaded content is located by clicking on the My Library tab in the app. It is worth noting that downloaded movies are retained on the user’s device for two days and TV show episodes are retained for seven days. Content that has expired will be removed from the application (and your device), freeing up storage for downloads.

This is a welcome feature for Astro Geo users, especially those who want to continue their shows or movies during offline events. As mentioned earlier, the application is available Google Play Store, Apple App Store, And Hawaii Application Gallery. Make sure your app version is up to date when this new feature is fully rolled out.