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Minecraft Players Are Recreating Zelda: Ocarina Of Time In A Free Download, By The End Of The Year

By the end of the year, the Ocarina of Time in Free Download

Minecraft receives players only during epidemics, with active monthly players rising to 131 million from the original 126 million active monthly players. This increase in players has caused more interest among players and content creators.

This increase in interest has allowed Minecraft content creators to create new series, an example of how Minecraft Utopian DantDM has created a new Minecraft Ultra hardcore series. This new series uses a variety of modes to make it significantly harder to beat the Enter Dragon compared to how easy it is to beat the Enter Dragon on a normal Minecraft.

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Another dedicated Minecraft creator, under the name Rivero, is the creator of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in Minecraft. He has been slowly recreating this lovely game since 2013 and is currently completing up to Canon Castle and is playable.

This hobby looks fantastic and is said to be completely free when finished by Minecraft Player Rivero. Rivero counts the bosses, the story and everything as “basically a copy of Ocarina of Time”.

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More than just places in this hobby, Zelda is well known for: Ocarina of Time, Lens of Truth and Master Sword!

Unfortunately, these entertaining entertainment shows do not feature battles or Master Quest mode, but even without those features, it seems like a fantastic hobby for any Zelda player.

Rivero said, “When I first started, it was motivating. It’s very hard work when you’ve trying to do a whole game yourself.”

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Rivero added, “Recently, I would say it creates fog in the barren land, which is where the player has to go to get a place in one of the dungeons. It was very difficult to create fog because I had to learn how to make shaders without mods because the whole map is completely vanilla mincraft. ”

Rivero currently has a playable demo in which Cannon’s Castle is free on his Patron, but if any download wants to support Rivero in his amazing endeavor, Zelda: Ocarina is a simple way for his Patron to support him to recreate the Minecraft.

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Players can go check Rivero’s YouTube channel To see this fantastic entertainment while he is playing through the map he is slowly creating!