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The ASOBI team, the author of the exclusive PS5 Astro's playroom, is looking to hire multiple developers -

The ASOBI team, the author of the exclusive PS5 Astro’s playroom, is looking to hire multiple developers –

Team ASOBI, The exclusive PS5 Astro game room for PS VR and the most popular in creating the Astro Bot Recovery Mission, looking for many new ones Developers Add to your review. Vacancies are related to the Tokyo area, but job descriptions are also available in English and there is also the option to work remotely, which shows that even non-Japanese can apply. PlayStation Studios So it expands more and more.

Precisely, the Places Free for ASOBI team as follows:

  • Game designer
  • Concept artist
  • Technical Artist / Rigger
  • Animator
  • 3D Character Artist
  • Environmental artist
  • FX Artist
  • UI Artist
  • Game Programmer
  • Animation programmer
  • VFX programmer
  • Graphics programmer

ASOBI Team is looking for new developers

The ASOBI team has become one Internal section Earlier this month PlayStation announced its studio and expansion plans. It is not clear what type of work the new hire will do, but it is said that there will be opportunities to work in a “creative and fun” environment. The word “playful” is also used. It was said that there were no plans to build a sequel to Astro’s game room by 2020.

Hopefully Team ASOBI Post as soon as possible about what is in the works (as long as there is already a solid plan in production). Meanwhile, we also report that PlayStation Studios has hired a former Apsidian: Xbox loses audio designer.

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