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The app will not be accessible on many smartphones from November 1st

The app will not be accessible on many smartphones from November 1st

The instant messaging app is no longer accessible on forty smartphones with the dated version of iOS or Android. Here is a list of affected devices

WhatsApp has announced this Several weeks ago : As of Monday, November 1st, many smartphones running older versions of iOS or Android will no longer be able to access the instant messaging app properly.

In fact, the app can no longer be updated on older smartphones that do not use at least iOS 10, Android 4.1 or KaiOS 2.5.1.

In total, about 40 smartphones are likely to be affected (see below), according to a list published on the WhatsApp website. However, you have little chance of suffering. And for good reason, “this list includes devices that have not yet been sold or are very limited in France, especially the entry and intermediate models of Korean manufacturers LG and Samsung or the Chinese brand Huawei”. The most recent on the list was released in 2012, reminiscent of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 mini Parisian.

Smartphones that do not support WhatsApp

Alcatel : One Touch Evo 7, Archos 53 Platinum, HTC Desire 500, Caterpillar Cat B15, Wiko Cink Five, Wiko Darknight, Lenovo A820, UMi X2, Faea F1 and THL W8

Apple : First generation iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and SE will need to be updated if not yet available. Versions 5, 5S and 5C could theoretically continue to use WhatsApp under iOS 10 but they would no longer be compatible with many services. The iPhone 4S, stuck in iOS 9, is no longer supported.

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Huawei : Ascend G740, Ascend Mate, Ascend D Quad XL, Ascend D1 Quad XL, Ascend P1 S and Ascend D2

LG : Lucid 2, Optimus Prime F7, Optimus F5, Optimus L3 II Dual, Optimus F5, Optimus L5, Optimus L5 II, Optimus L5 Dual, Optimus L3 II, Optimus L7, Optimus L7 II Dual, Optimus L7 II, Opt Optimus L4 II Dual, Optimus F3, Optimus L4 II, Optimus L2 II, Optimus Prime HD and 4X HD, and Optimus F3Q

Samsung : Galaxy Trend Lite, Galaxy Trend II, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 mini, Galaxy Xcover 2, Galaxy Core and Galaxy Ace 2

Sony : Xperia Miro, Sony Xperia Neo L and Xperia Arc S

ZTE : Grand S Flex, ZTE V956, Grand X Quad V987 and Memo

If you have been using a smartphone for more than three years, this announcement is an opportunity to check if you have the latest version of your operating system.