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Quick resume system update and other features -

The 4K interface is coming to insiders today, soon for everyone –

Xbox Series X | S. Finally get a significant increase in resolution Dashboard, உடன் ‘Interface In consoles that can now be viewed 4K In scenes that support this resolution, the Xbox Insider is available to users today and is coming to everyone soon.

We do not know if this is the “exciting” news planned for Xbox this week, but it is certainly something that was especially anticipated and requested by a community of Xbox users who have to deal with a resolution. Locked in 1080p For all interface components.

“It simply came to our notice then Home, guides and other areas The user interface will be displayed at a higher resolution, which increases the sharpness and clarity of the text, “said Xbox Trial.

The 1080p resolution range for the dashboard was actually a critical element of the Xbox user interface, and for the rest, after a period of low interest, given the choice to use computer software such as the Xbox One, there is now a certain consensus.

Among other discoveries in this area, we remind you Inside Night mode can now be activated. Update dashboard to 4K should be available from 23:00 last night. 17 August 2021.

Apart from this, various fixes and improvements have been made in other areas of the software. As always, this is before the actual release of the general update to the public, but we do not know how much, so we are waiting to know when All other users Can get 4K dashboard.