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Joint systems electronically: Extension until December 31st.  Download the regulation example

Joint systems electronically: Extension until December 31st. Download the regulation example

In accordance with Order 105 of 23 July 2021, new emergency measures were implemented to deal with the state of emergency from the outbreak of Govt-19 and to carry out social, cultural and economic activities under full protection. Section 1 of the Order-Act was affirmed with the resolution dated 31st January, 2020 and was extended several times and once again, amended to 31st December, 2021. Emergency related to the type of control measures and the clarification of specific areas of the national territory.

New parameters for the color of regions

Furthermore, Article 2 of Control-Law 105/2021 identifies new criteria for defining new criteria from which it is possible to determine the colors of regions for the purpose of applying control measures.

Holding a green certificate

Permission for Continuing Services is subject to Covit-19 Green Certification, which is fully valid:

  • Cultural centers and social and recreational centers, limited to indoor activities and educational centers for children. This exemption also applies to summer camps and catering activities affiliated with the same educational centers;
  • General competitions (Article 3);
  • Open shows for the general public, sporting events and competitions;
  • Museums, other institutions and cultural sites (and museums – libraries, all kinds of archives and states, archeological sites or parks, not just monumental complexes) and, last but not least, exhibitions.

Although the provisions of Law Order 105/21 for the period of 1 August 31 December 2021 are not regulated, the provisions mentioned in the Order of the Prime Minister of March 2, 2021 will continue to apply.

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Organize procedures for conducting joint meetings electronically

The Epidemiological Emergency and the aforementioned Ordinance from Covit-19, the approval and renewal of the particular regulation (made by several institutions) is a temporary validity, until at least 31 December 2021. Italian schools must also provide an urgent need to regulate the electronic conduct of college meetings and to continue operations , Controlling the coexistence of more people in one place, should be fully strengthened and guaranteed regardless of vaccination by teachers, remembering not to be vaccinated permanently. We do this through a telematic session or meeting – you can read the regulations prepared by Quilto Tadino’s comprehensive company, directed by Editor-in-Chief Dr. Fabricio Piscio – using the appropriate digital platform using other digital platforms. Telematic technologies (such as telephone connection) and, alternatively or completely, information technology.

Function of joint systems

Directed by Editor-in-Chief Dr. Fabrizio Piscio, the Istiduto Comprencio de Qualdo Tadino, the best education management expert, manages the organization’s rules, emergencies, conduct, and the operation of joint committees electronically. Sessions, service, courses of study and any other joint meeting provided by the rules in force.

Telematic session

By meeting telematically session and telematically, members should be able to specify and understand the college or assembly meeting that will take place remotely, excluding the space provided in the federation.

Remote participation should take place according to the procedures mentioned in the following articles.

Requirements for online appointments

Meetings should take place in video and audio conferences, using telematics technologies that allow simultaneously:

  • Direct and auditory feedback of participants;
  • They are the identity of each;
  • The right to vote in real time on topics addressed in speech and debate.
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Company Remote Tools

The company’s remote controls must confirm:

  • The secrecy of the session;
  • Equal connection between participants;
  • View meeting procedures and exchange documents via email and / or computerized file sharing systems;
  • The contemporaneity of the results;
  • Data and information security.

It is allowed to connect from anywhere where it ensures compliance with the requirements of the Company Regulations

Members of public bodies are allowed to connect from anywhere that ensures compliance by members of public bodies, unless it is open to the public or the public, in any case, accepting guaranteed technical measures. The confidentiality of the session (such as the use of headphones).

In long-distance meetings, for the valid purposes of the session and resolutions, the terms prescribed by the individual must be respected.

Remote conference and conduct of sessions

In the notice of appointment, sent by email and / or electronic record, the session takes place via telematics equipment, which should specify the operational procedures for participation and possible means of quick integration.

At the beginning of the meeting or during the process, if the connection of one or more members is impossible or interrupted by technical issues, the meeting may still take place if the quorum is confirmed and agrees that the absence is justified. The component that cannot keep the link active.

In the event of connection issues during a referendum, the President declares a ballot vacancy, avoiding the counter-test, as there is no possibility of restoring the link in the short term.

Voting of sessions and expression of minutes

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Everyone attending the remote session must express their vote clearly, by showing hands, by Google forms or by name or by chat.

In addition to the operating rules of individual college organizations, minutes of long-distance meeting should be marked:

  • Note the start and closing day and time of the session;
  • The names of members who are via remote mode and connection methods for each;
  • The explicit declaration of the person presiding over the body in the proper constitution of the body;
  • A clear note of the items on the agenda;
  • The direct content of the resolution created in each item on the agenda;
  • Collective choice emerging from voting methods and voting results.

Which forms an integral part of the minutes

Members’ non-compliance / unreasonable announcements, minutes of electronically read announcements and non-approval / non-approval are an integral part of the report.

Technical issues arising during the session and during the vote should be calculated in minutes.

The minutes of each meeting will be approved when sent to the e-mail address or publication in the electronic register in the area reserved for teachers in the following session.