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Tetris 99:19 Grand Prix announced with Kirby Fighters 2 theme

Tetris 99:19 Grand Prix announced with Kirby Fighters 2 theme

Nintendo 2020 is over Tetris99 Proposes a Great prize, high award, great reward Highlight the set Super Mario All-Stars, Allows us to change the look of our areas and always get a theme. The Royal of War d ‘Arika, Is approaching its second year of completion, and has since been lavishly continued by the publisherA new event will take place in a few days.

So, 19th Great prize, high award, great reward This time Kirby will be promoting Fighters 2, A small fighting game with the famous pink ball Released in 2020eShop. It will happen This Friday from January 8 at 8:00 am and Tuesday, January 12 at 7:59 am.. The rules do not change, which means you have to accumulate 100 points to get away from this adorable theme presented in the video above.

If this beautiful character from the universe Nintendo Makes you see, this is the last major production to appear, Kirby Star Allies, Sold .05 on 51.09 Amazon.

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