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Removes DSiWare games from the Nintendo 3DS eShop

Especially in North America

According to a user at Twitter, Nintendo has removed several titles DSWare from Nintendo 3D EShopYes, without warning the fans.

User writes “All DSWare games released before mid-May 2011 have been disabled”. Games that can no longer be purchased include the following: Sante: Risky’s Revenge, Asphalt 4: Elite Racing, Ara-Aura Climber, Dr. Mario Express, Mr. Thriller: Drill Till You Drop And others.

The most affected area appears to be North America. In fact, some of the titles that were removed from the American continent are still in the European one.

Watching any of the games affected by the eShop gives a message that “this software is not currently available”.

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Considering that Nintendo has not yet released any report on the disappearance of the games, it is possible that this is a temporary error, but if you have interesting topics, it may be worthwhile to download them before it is too late.