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Test Zu KeyWe - Nintendo Switch - ntower

Test Zu KeyWe – Nintendo Switch – ntower

As a fun little kiwi you are looking for a job in Keyway, you can find it at a post office in Bangalore. You no longer have to run the business alone or in pairs with other animal employees and your human employer. Sometimes new tasks await you from regular or sometimes strange shift to shift to a post office. Whether it is tedious work or a rewarding and fun collaborative topic you will find in the following lines.

You can invest hard-earned brands on the shelf.

One Stoneweight & Sons

Sometimes you can expect parcels to be properly stamped and shipped to the right area, other times you need to type the messages and then send them to the recipient. Since kiwis are non-flying birds, you have to jump at the post office and use a variety of devices, so you have to get your job done in the shortest possible time. It can be especially exciting because you always have to coordinate your collaboration with your gaming partner. If you are particularly fast, you may get a hard gold rating to complete your shift, but a silver and bronze rating is also possible. So, depending on your speed, you can dust off stamps for your hard work, thereby giving your kiwi a new style in the post office’s dressing room.

There are basically no different tasks, but these are always enriched by new challenges, so it will be different. Sometimes it rains with thunder and it is difficult to work on the telegraph, other times the postal system is changed, so sending parcels and letters works differently. If you want to enjoy something outside of your daily tasks, you can work overtime. For example, you can re-enable the telepost anthem, blow up the new type of self-inflating bubble flap as much as possible, or train your cashier couriers responsible for delivering the letters in a way. Overall, the game offers an amazing variety and comes with decent game length. You start at the post office in the spring and go from level to level throughout the year. So you will definitely spend some evenings at the Bungalow Post Office.

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Individual positions and the post office in general are so colorful and lovingly designed that they are not available in just a few minutes at a time. In this way, with the charm of different employees and the post office, a coherent work environment is created in which one wants to make his daily changes. The lively xylophone melody, which always sounds in the background, contributes to a cheerful work environment, but becomes somewhat intrusive during a long gaming session. Nevertheless, the cohesive game world of the co-op title was well implemented.

When making a transcription, we must attach the incoming sentences as a letter and give it to the courier.

One Stoneweight & Sons

Unfortunately, one mistake put an end to our gaming fun. If the game still accepts the input of the letter “a” for the umlad “ä” in the previous telegraph stages, it is no longer done in one of the autumn stages, so we did not get more at first, and almost threw it away in despair. To play the next you have to complete the levels in the given order – of course, you can not skip a day at work! Basically the computer is okay because the levels can be passed without any problems. The difficulty in overcoming them is high. But in this case the error prevented it from going any further. After a few attempts, we finally reached a flow in which the sentence “ä” no longer appears, so it continued. Something similar happened to us on a level where you had to collect snippets and put them into words – the last sentence could not be created, there were no matching word snippets. After the restart, the level will end here as well. Even if problems can be solved, they will spoil the fun of the game, which may no longer be a reason to leave the game on the left in frustration.

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Other minor flaws can also ruin the overall feel. Our hair is clearly glowing throughout the kiwis. Loading times are also not very long; However, this is completely manageable because a text appears on the loading screen before each stage, which describes the strangeness that awaits you at this stage – once you have read this, the loading time is almost over. Despite all the shortcomings mentioned, it should be emphasized that the game is otherwise playable and thus should provide a pleasant experience – if you do not get one of the conditions that prevent you from continuing to play.