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Test Zoo Show Night Pocket Dungeon - Nintendo Switch - ntower

Test Zoo Show Night Pocket Dungeon – Nintendo Switch – ntower

Shovel Knight is not an unknown face in the history of the game because the infamous Shovel Knight already had many adventures behind him. Shoal Night Pocket Dungeon is now about fun puzzle fun for the knight, missing some rude mechanics. I meticulously watched the puzzle adventure, in which I gritted my teeth …

The levels are simpler than they really are.

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The story is kept relatively simple because Shovel Knight is trapped in a magical box with other characters like Puzzle Knight and Kistian, from which they want to escape. To do this, you need to master the various dungeons and collect pieces of a key, which of course is easier than possible. Because, after a little practice that explains the basic dynamics to you, it starts and you have no idea what is going on here in the first 10 attempts. The game really has it all.

Everything seems so simple: a dungeon has eight to eight fields and, according to the Tetris principle, new objects, blocks and monsters come down from above. You can move Shovel Knight over the entire field, but you can also move enemies. So the pitch fills up at astounding speed and you have to watch it remove blocks and monsters. Each opponent has certain characteristics and can cause you damage. You can always find descriptions of individual monsters on the right side of the screen, but the fight may already be over by the time you finish reading. It takes care and patience here, because you have to be prepared to go through countless times before you leave the dungeons and move on to the next place. This is where the rude factor comes into play. If you die in a position, you will start all over again, where you will lose objects and monuments, but can keep the stones.

The goal is always to find a key and a suitable door to travel to the next level. Here you will meet already known, but new monsters, which will especially inspire fans of the series. At the local camp site you can exchange gems collected in the general store for new weapons, equipment and other items that have different effects in battle. You may accidentally find such stores in a dungeon, where you can store various items. Additionally, you can unlock a total of 10 different heroes that fans of the Shovel Night series should already know. They all have different pros and cons, and ultimately what you want to play is a matter of taste.

A total of 10 different levels in adventure mode are waiting for you, which may not seem great at first. However, the Shovel Night Pocket Dungeon is easy to master in anything, and I’m been holding teeth in separate dungeons for a long time. If you have the feeling that you are not getting anything, it is worth looking at the options you can make certain settings. With a little bit of back and forth effort, you may eventually find the difficulty too difficult or too easy. Otherwise, the whole thing will soon turn into frustration.

Otherwise, it is very important to know exactly the different monsters and what damage you can do. Because with the right tactics you can fly the chains of monsters, but take only minor damage. If you attack a monster, you will only get this damage, but you will damage all the monsters attached to it, however, this trick will not always work, and often you will have to fight in small groups with the next cure. Is always nearby. So it’s up to you to choose the appropriate tactic, and here’s the fun in Shovel Night Pocket Dungeon and its incredibly fast gameplay.

In addition to adventure mode, local multiplayer mode is also waiting for you, in which you can really warm up your siblings or friends. As in the dungeons of adventure mode, monsters, blocks and objects fall on you, and with the right combos you can make life difficult for your enemy with extra blocks. Unfortunately, there is no online mode that gives cherries on the cake. In Daily Mode, you can play the approximately created dungeon with approximately one of the ten knights assigned to you. So if you have not yet unlocked all the heroes, you can already enjoy the different knights at the beginning of the game. Once a round is over, you can work on your own leaderboard here. In addition, 50 heroic deeds are waiting for you, you can see it as victories, some of which are very easy to solve, while others require significantly more time.

Graphically, the Shovel Night Pocket Dungeon has a pixel look and is truly a feast for the eyes with its colorful variants. However, the music goes better and really warms up personal fights. Different songs that offer a mix of old and new songs, stand out in my mind even after playing. I have not encountered any crashes or other errors, which is why I can say that the game runs flawlessly.