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TEST Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrated: A Sweeter PC Version or Plugin?

TEST Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrated: A Sweeter PC Version or Plugin?

Whether on PS4 or PS5, gamers can have fun Final Fantasy VII remake For several months. If you do not have a platform PlayStation, Frankly, you are waiting for this high energy topic to come up somewhere else. Square Enix It took everyone by surprise Sports Awards 2021, By announcing the available PC versionEpic Games Store. Based on this we tested this new version Intermediate, So it’s time to give you our records.

It’s beautiful, it’s fluid and the Odyssey sticks.

Who says the system, says the display settings in the parameters. So depending on your subject, You can select resolution from 720p to 4K. To manage the number of characters in the image and the brightness of the HDR, it is possible to push the textures and shadows. If you have a suitable screen, Caption runs within 120 fps. Basically, if you bend everything to the maximum, you will get an amazing product, impressive light shots and fluid to die for.

The packages are extensive, the characters’ hair is incredible, the animation is crazy … don’t be afraid of words, yes, it’s a little prettier than the PlayStation 5. For those with smaller layouts, you can make a pleasant rendering, With heading running above 60 fps, but with low resolution. In any case, The development team was able to turn this adventure into smaller and larger machines, This is a real pleasure!

And this Sports With mouse and keyboard? This is not as bad as we thought. The movements are executed by some keys, the camera and the attacks are done with the mouse. There is a certain harmony in our actions, The handling is very simple and intuitive. However, some functions are not properly organized, such as a map or menu that is somewhat remote by default (buttons) N And M) Do not panic, go to the options to customize your keys to your liking. Also, if you have a home controller, This version recognizes your badge Xbox And PlayStation, And shows the appropriate icons. Finally, keep in mind that load times are fast.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Test Impressions Judgment Rating Requires Very Low Images (2)

Final Fantasy VII remake Intergrade is a success on PC. It’s beautiful, it’s fluid and the Odyssey sticks. In addition, this is the version including the popular episode UFSo far exclusive to PS5 players. In other words, if you’ve never touched it, it’s hard not to succumb to such adaptation … treat yourself!

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Most of them

  • It is beautiful and shiny
  • 4K and 120 fps in settings
  • Header running clean on a small machine
  • Handling the keyboard and mouse is not bad
  • Integrated version


  • Some keys are set badly by default