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Ten books in free e-book format

Let's read Milan to Reid 2021 together

“Read Milan”: April 19 to June 30, 2021

Sixth edition of “Read Milan” organized by the Library of Milan Municipality to select downloadable digital books, relaunched For free From the site Common .

It is possible Download eBooks Even around the city, while walking or waiting for the tram: Format the qrcode on the initiative posters or copy the link from the screens that call you to download to access the text of the book. Thanks to ATM Spa, the technology partner of this initiative, downloading is possible across the entire underground and surface transport network.

This year’s review returns with the same yellow color as its first edition, offering ten novels to the public, including detective stories, thrillers and the dog, but to be found on the streets of Milan, in recognizable places, or as witnesses to the changes that result.

Ten titles are available for free, thanks to the collaboration of the authors and publishers Corbacio, Friilli, Marcelio, Montadori, Piem, Rizoli, Celerio, Sonzokno, Tea, Totoro.

Following the publication on Monday, April 19th, e-books will be published weekly every Wednesday until June 23rd. All titles will be available for download until June 30.

Various works will be available for free download until June 30, with the consent of the owners of the libraries. Pelotti’s “Tutti Sul Philo” and Rafael Crowe’s “Via Ruppallo’s Inquiry”.

Download and Read: