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TBWA Zurich and Coop start Veganuary with good karma

Koop kicks Veganuri with an exciting TV campaign for Karma. In one campaign, TBWA Zurich wants to show in an exciting way that carnivorous pleasure enlivens everyday life.

Karma is Coupe’s own brand, which refers to a balanced and varied meat-free diet. Karma Product Range aims to provide an attractive alternative for vegetarians, vegetarians and flexible lovers who want to approach the New Year with the utmost vigilance.

In response to the growing demand for plant-based nutrients, TBWA was commissioned to create a television commercial. Task: To stage the vital and carefree approach to life that karma brings with it in an innovative and surprising way. The variety, convenience and culinary experience of the brand should be conveyed in an entertaining way.

Together with the Giger Brothers in Grabonden, the agency created a 45-second TV commercial in which murals create their own creative lives. The imaginative flow of the wall paintings is supported by rhythmic driving music, thus creating an absorption of positive vibes.

In TV advertising, the pleasure of karma can actually be experienced in different life situations as it expands the horizons. The karma-induced feeling-good effect creates a whole new world of variety and taste, which integrates as secondary in the daily life of the consumer and renews them in a surprisingly pleasant way.

In addition to the long and short version of the TV ad, four abbreviated bumpers have been developed that primarily showcase unique products in online media.

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The campaign began Monday across Switzerland in three languages ​​with TV and online spots.

Liability in Co-operative Society: Thomas Schwedze (Head of Marketing / Digital Services), Silvio Paselgia (Head of Division Management), Sacha Zuberbuhler (Head of Marketing Communications), Vanessa Fincer (Head of Advertising), Nadine Ryder (Brand Group Manager) , Florian Lanovic (Social Media / Online Campaign Leader), Ivana Kukisberg (Project Manager Private Label Advertising / Image), Annika Meyer (Project Manager Social Media / Online Campaign), Simon Flat (Leader Media), Karin Reith (Head of Classic Media) , Lucas Schmidt (Senior Project Manager Digital Media). Responsible for TBWA Zurich: Manuel Wenzel (ECD), Susanne Weiber (CD), Susannah Phil, Wolf Gardner, John Crohn, Naomi Kulla, Nomi Rossenberger, Nico Hedger, (creation), Esther Ordega, Barbara Waldvogal, Pascal Tabos (consultation). Responsible for the film: Michael Seligman (ECP), Flurin & Silvan Giger (Director), Louis von Mallinkrod (Producer), Sylvan Giger (DoP), Marco Strihik (Editor), Cheney Guo (Production Coordinator), Ederdo Morusi (Postproduction Supervisor), VFX, Composition , Animation).

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