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Tales of Aries Xbox One and Series X |  S Xbox One

Tales of Aries Xbox One and Series X | S Xbox One

You like J-RPGs, Stories that arose Can’t imagine the next topic you want to add to your sports library that you haven’t been able to enjoy from the first minute it started?

If you want to play it until September 10th, you will be glad to know that the game is already available not only for pre-ordering but also for pre-download.

Install the stories that arose in advance

Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S Commerce, you can start downloading now Stories that arose. To install it, nothing can be simpler, just go through Mobile application Xbox Or through the store from your game console. Choose the version you want, one that is optimized for the new generation consoles.

Stories that arose in the Microsoft Store

As a reminder, Stories that arose Xbox One, Xbox Series X on September 10, 2021 S, along with the PlayStation 4 and 5, is also expected on PC via Steam.

Pain and lost memories. Indelible mask. The mystery surrounding Rena’s tyranny. Unleash the truth with the burning sword.

Rena invaded Dahna 300 years ago. Dahna is now under the yoke of Rena. Then a young man meets a mysterious young woman and decides to grab a sword.

Thanks to the new generation graphics find a release story with more expressive characters!

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