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Android Updates: Nokia distributes Android 11, Xiaomi MIUI 12.5

Android Updates: Nokia distributes Android 11, Xiaomi MIUI 12.5


Xiaomi and Nokia are distributing major Android updates this week. You can expect Android 11 from the Finnish manufacturer, while Xiaomi distributes its new user interface.

Various phones from Xiaomi, Samsung and Nokia are getting important updates this week. (Source: Siomi)

  • Nokia and Xiaomi are releasing important updates for various phones.
  • Samsung has revealed some details about the upcoming updates.
  • Again there are messages for Android 12.

Manufacturers are getting cell phones this week Siomi And Nokia important updates. In addition, the South Korean company reveals SamsungYou can expect the Galaxy S21 series Android Auto bug fix.


It has long been known that the Galaxy S21 series causes problems with Android Auto. However, you can only use it September with a problem-solving link, Calculate until then you have to be patient. But one can soon Android 12 beta for S21 Appearance.

Also, it should work on one of Samsung Pro mode for telephoto lenses Job Galaxy S21, Note 20, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip Series phones can get this feature through the update.


Nokia Rolls Go to Android 11 Nokia 1.3 Absolutely. The operating system for smartphones with weak hardware should offer some innovations. For example, applications should start 20 percent faster.


Chinese company Xiaomi unveils MIUI 12.5 user interface for both Poco X3 NFC and Poco X3 phones Absolutely. You can expect many new features. The update should appear in Germany in the coming weeks.

Android 12

As previously hidden 12 Google “Easter-Eggs” on Android. We will tell you how to find this in the attached text.

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