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Sushima Director's Cut Ghost: 7 Things Not to Miss on Ikea Island

Sushima Director’s Cut Ghost: 7 Things Not to Miss on Ikea Island

Ended August 20, 2021 Sushima is the director’s cutting ghostNew version of the game, including a resolution of 4K, reduced loading times The art of ideas And especially an extension to the islandUp to ! The latter offers a wonderful landscape during feudal Japan, where you can continue your adventure! To help you discover this amazing place, here are the ones you should not miss!

According to PlayStation accessThere are 7 things you must do on the islandUp to :

  1. Explore the island
    It is a delight to the eyes to visit this new land which offers wonderful landscapes ranging from colorful flower fields to vivid reflections of marine environments. Easter eggs.
  2. Experiment with the new features that the PS5 offers.
    Menus, controller, graphics up PS5 offers a gaming experience, you are obligated to try.
  3. Put the game in Japanese
    One of the innovations of this extension of the game is dubbing into Japanese, which now has its lip sync. This allows for full immersion in the original language of the game.
  4. Visit the Animal Sanctuary
    A little dessert will not hurt in this horrible world. Stop raising small cats, admire deer or play with monkeys. You can subdue them by playing the flute and get your daily dose of charm!
  5. The archer challenges
    You may be the next person assigned to participate in the next hunger games (yes it is possible). So archery training is essential. You may have different rankings depending on how fast you complete the challenge of sharpening your bow and shooting skills.
  6. Recover your memories
    There are some excerpts from your memory throughout the island that will help you learn more about your past and the skill of the game.
  7. Have adventure
    It seems very obvious, but you have to adventure on the island, you will discover new abilities (especially stress on the enemies on horseback), new stories, new accounts, new characters and so on.

Have you ever traveled the island to its corners? Tell us what you thought about this new expansion!

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You can buy Goshi of Sushima Directors Cut Currently on Amazon .2 sells for 71.28.

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