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Supermarket Sreek is now Aaaaahhh-vailable on Nintendo Switch

Supermarket Sreek is now Aaaaahhh-vailable on Nintendo Switch

Announced back in July, Supermarket Shrek now has a release date for its screaming appearance on the Nintendo Switch. That date is today!

A coaching cooperative experience like no other

Drive both of our heroes into supermarkets, shops and boutiques using their wild, incomprehensible screams!

The man screams: The cart turns left!
Goat howl: The cart is OK!
Screaming together: Kart forces forward!

Use your control triggers to scream at each pair – or you can connect two mics if you have a PS4 or PC * Really * Show us your way to success in calling: “Duet Mode”.

Foreign Barriers and Reward Challenges

Warm up your vocal cords and get ready to take on a variety of action game modes! 38 levels include Overseas Prohibited courses, Serious head to head Species Not forgotten -Mode-where-you-knocks-beans-tins.

Behind every storefront, you can expect uninterrupted barriers blocking your way to renovation! Absurd in this world (conveyor belts, leaks) (fire pits, swinging axes, sumo wrestlers and so on!).

Multiplayer Mayhem in Aisle 4

#SettleTheStore In one of 4 fun fun pvp party modes between 2 to 4 players!

Bet around the supermarket and tick-off every item first Shopping list, Dominate the arena in the epic confrontation of man, goat and trolley Sumo, Shout your life (or indeed, some points) as it depends on the head Race Or combine it all in Elimination mode and the last man standing there will win!

To commemorate the release of the game, it is currently on sale via Nintendo iShop. Copy can be obtained digitally for 17.99 (usually $ 19.99) or you can purchase a copy copy for physical 29.99 from participating retailers.

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Whichever version you get, grab a friend and yell your way through the aisles of obstacles and get to the finish line.