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When was Jensh's impact on the Nintendo Switch?

When was Jensh’s impact on the Nintendo Switch?

Jens’ impact was announced in January as’ coming soon ‘to the Nintendo Switch. So when can we expect its release?

Mihoyo’s free-to-play fantasy action RPG Kensh’s impact Launched again in September for the PlayStation 4, PC and mobile, the gaming community was taken by storm. But if you remember, in January of this year, Myho announced that the game would be coming to the Nihendo Switch.

Fast forward and now that the game has seen its release on its initial platforms you can start asking when it will come to the switch. Unfortunately, there is no solid release date right now.

In an extensive interview with the RPG site, Sam Loy, Mihoyo’s communications chief, Asked about the switch release around the start of the game in September. Here is what he said:

“The switch version of Jenshi’s impact is currently under development. Additional information on switch beta testing and release dates will be announced later. ”

There is no very specific answer exactly, so all we can do is speculate. Since Jenshin’s impact is a live service game, Mihoyo can focus on adding new content and events, meaning the Switch version is not a priority. However, you can imagine that they would like to get the game on the switch soon to use the celebrity.

Not to mention Kensh’s impactThe game, already designed for mobile, feels like it fits perfectly into Switch’s travel capabilities. The switch looks like the main console.

If I happen to guess, I would imagine that the beta test would be released in early 2021, in the middle of 2021 to replace it. When it comes down to it, don’t believe in having a cross-storage function. While boasting of mobile and PC cross-improvement, the PlayStation 4 version has its own separate account. Of course, this may be more than just a game with Sony’s Gate Walls.

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Either way, we get an update on the progress of the Nintendo Switch version of the Jensh impact later this year.

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