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Super Rush still dominates the Japan ~ Pokemon Millennium

Super Rush still dominates the Japan ~ Pokemon Millennium

Mario Golf: Super Rush Came out Nintendo Switch June 25, 2021 and brings back a series that has been missing for seven years. The Sports Instantly won the hearts of fans because it has all the characteristics of the series, so it is done very well. Title created Camelot software planning Collaborate with Nintendo This is exclusive to the Kyoto home console. The production was highly anticipated and in fact the fans gave great success to the producers.

Of course the nostalgic effect played a major role, but the title has not yet been challenged first in the rankings of many countries. Japan. In Japan, dominance Nintendo It has never been questionable, and for two weeks now, it has dominated hardware rankings and video games. This information confirms the benefit of the work of the best N and the loyalty of the fans, which has already emerged on several occasions in recent months.

Last week, at the console level, Nintendo Switch e Nintendo Switch Light They sold nearly 85,000 units PlayStation It does not reach 20,000 units. The dominance of the big N intensifies when looking at video game sales. Actually last week Mario Golf: Super Rush It sold 31,685 copies, breaking the one million copies best allotment in a couple of weeks.

The first place can only go obviously Mario Golf, Which divides Video Games Lab And that almost completely leads Nintendo to the top 10 spots. Actually the only intrusive PS4 version Samurai Warriors5 It ranks sixth immediately after its release Nintendo Switch In place of five. So Nintendo’s enthusiasm is well established and the situation is not going to change in the short term.

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