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Super Nintendo World temporarily shut down due to fire -

Super Nintendo World temporarily shut down due to fire –

Amusement park Super Nintendo World Has been Temporarily closed, Because a Fire It happened in the area of ​​Yoshi’s Aventure Ride.

The fire that destroyed the roof of the interior structure of the Yoshi themed area was spotted on the night of November 23 by an employee of Universal Studios Japan. Fortunately, the incident happened after the time was up, so there were no spectators. According to Fuji News Network, the fire was extinguished shortly after, but nothing happened No injuries. Everything is fine, and it ends well.

However, after the fire, Super Nintendo World decided to shut down for all necessary investigations, especially to find the cause of the fire. The amusement park is set to reopen to the public today, Thursday, November 25 The news was posted on Universal Studios Japan’s Twitter profileHowever, the Yoshi course will be closed in the future.

Super Nintendo World

This is not the only incident that has taken place since the opening of the Nintendo theme park. In fact, in August, a statue of a cone broke off from its position due to strong winds and crashed to the ground next to a gravity. Fortunately no one was injured in the incident.

Meanwhile, Nintendo and Universal Studios have announced the arrival of the first expansion of Super Nintendo World in 2024, which will be entirely dedicated to Donkey Kong.