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Super Nintendo World has confirmed that it will launch at USJ in the spring of 2021 in the US

Nintendo and Universal Studios have confirmed that the Japan Super Nintendo World will launch in the spring of 2021. Mario Cafe & Store is also opening in the US on October 16th.

The Super Nintendo World in the USJ is initially set to open on par with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but its The experiment was delayed By COVID-19 due to “a few months”.

Now, the expansion is ready to open in the spring of 2021, though Mario Cafe & Store Opens October 16 in the USJ. It gives visitors a taste of what is to come at Super Nintendo World.

The Mario Cafe & Store is located in the Hollywood Boulevard area of ​​the USJ, which is separate from the Super Nintendo global expansion.

The cafe is F&B themed, including ‘Pancake Sand’ with a combination of whipped cream and fruit in Mario and Luigi’s hats.

Soft drinks are served with super mushrooms

Mario Cafe and Store Universal Studios Japan Super Nintendo World

‘Mario Strawberry Cream Soda’ will be decorated with Mario’s mustache, Luigi’s beard with ‘Luigi Green Apple Cream Soda’, and Princess Peach with ‘Princess Peach Cream Soda’.

In terms of merchandise, the Mario Cafe & Store theme will offer cushions, keychains, coin purses, cakes, t-shirts, hats and vinyl purses.

Super Nintendo World features state-of-the-art Super Mario Kart and Yoshi’s Adventure rides, shops and restaurants, Bowsers Castle and Peaches Castle.

Japan will be the first universal theme park to feature Universal Studios Super Nintendo World, followed by Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore.

Mario Cafe & Store is separate from the world of Super Nintendo

Mario Cafe and Store Universal Studios Japan Super Nintendo World

Recent build on Super Nintendo World Universal Studios opens in Hollywood, With first look images of the expansion online.

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Super Nintendo World is ready to open Part of the Universal Epic Universe In 2023, the noncomcast has previously confirmed construction work Epic Universe paused.

Last month, new footage revealed that Construction is complete In SNW. In the video, you can see Gumbas, Super Mushrooms, a coupe troop and a thump.