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Super Mario All-Stars Review: Releasing Nintendo Classics

Super Mario All-Stars Review: Releasing Nintendo Classics

For Nintendo fans, the launch of Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy may be the most exciting game news of the year. Now that Collection Done and we were able to get inside, let’s see if this collection of classics is old enough to be a must have on the switch. Go down the fold for all the details of Super Mario All-Stars in our review.

Review on our hands about Super Mario All-Stars

Last month, Nintendo shocked fans by officially releasing three of the most popular titles on the switch in its catalog. Super Mario 3D All-Stars, as its name implies, packs all three fan favorite titles from the franchise into a single package. Although there are more emulations of the original than the remasters, the collection removes each title from their original systems and releases them into the switch.

Unlike other titles brought to Nintendo Switch Hierol Warriors Or Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker It started out as a complete remaster, not as much loved by Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Games are wrapped in simple ports and a landing page that allows you to spin the wheel through the titles, while at the same time listening to their game-soundtracks.

There are some improvements for the switch-on launch, such as remodeled controls, improved save state features and adjustment for the hybrid nature of the console. The transition from Game64 to GameCube and Wii works very well in handheld mode as well. The touchscreen works well in filling in where motion controls are needed in the Super Mario Galaxy.

Super Mario All-Stars Review

However, some aspects of the transition from older consoles do not work very well. Watching the cursor controls and the appearance of the UI layout switch is very jarring. Joy-cons work well to change the Wii remote, but looking at the interface on a modern-day console from 14 years ago is still strange.

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But now it’s time to watch the games that start with Super Mario 64.

Super Mario 64: The game that started it all

Super Mario All-Stars Review

As the game that started all this in the world of 3D Mario, 64 brought a lot of new concepts to the table at that time. Sure the graphics are age and as you might expect, but the levels are still thoughtfully designed and the controls feel very fluid even by today’s standards. All the nostalgia aside, this is a fun trip to the past that has a clear enough charm to give even newcomers a playthrough of their own.

Super Mario Sunshine Drops the ball

Next, we have Super Mario Sunshine. And to the right of the bat, it is clear that it did not polish the title on the switch like the other two. Don’t get me wrong, the visual enhancements offer a much brighter game compared to its predecessor, but the controls are quite demanding. They get a less accurate feel than the Mario 64 and take the experience off a few pegs. This is unfortunate, but Super Mario Sunshine seems to be lost in translation when it flies into the switch in the All-Stars collection.

Super Mario Galaxy Steals the spotlight

Nintendo has really saved the best here with the Super Mario Galaxy. It is very impressive in all three games and goes beyond the desire to play any kind of nostalgia or classics. Everything from visuals and level design to gameplay and controls are fine on the switch. It really was a riv unprecedented experience in the Mario catalog Odyssey does not come close to covering up.

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I was impressed with how good it was. I did not expect to be able to recommend playing it without tying a star at the end of that compliment. Regardless of whether you look from the lens of an old game or a new one, it brings a lot to the table‌ for first time and experienced Mario fans to enjoy. Enough, while completing the review, I found that the Galaxy had sold me out of the entire Super Mario All-Stars collection.

Who are the Super Mario All-Stars?

The big question here is not whether Super Mario is all-stars Cash value, But definitely for whom the game. If you grow up playing these three titles, it is very necessary to keep them on the switch. There is plenty of nostalgia to turn to here and the collection gives you the opportunity to replay some of the best games in Nintendo’s back catalog. They are reliable ports of originality, flaws and all and should give you an experience similar to your first playthrough.

Or for those like me who have not already played these games extensively, the Super Mario All-Stars collection is definitely a solid sale. Without nostalgia as the driving force, it is worth recommending Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild and other titles featured on the switch on the retro collection.

If you already want to fill your switch library and find out if it has value $ 60, I will eventually settle for yes. The Super Mario Galaxy tip the criteria for the entire collection, with the other two titles being Super Mario All-Stars bonuses at the time.

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Final ideas

Super Mario All-Stars Review

When Collection First announced, I did not sell like other Nintendo fans at first. After diving for a review, Super Mario has a lot of value here at All-Stars. I would still recommend other titles for those who build their switch library, but on its own, easier $ 60 Worth it here.

Each individual game aside, the only real grip I have from this review is that I want Nintendo to work harder to bring the titles in Super Mario All-Stars to the switch. Adjusting the interfaces to redirect the look of the original consoles went a long way to giving the collection some extra polish. However, it is only a small sign of a solid experience.

It is a celebration of Mario’s legacy Must have Nintendo fans Experience in one way or another. While things can be improved on the switch, choosing the Super Mario All-Stars is a much better choice than dusting off the old three consoles. And when you consider that there is only collection Available for a limited time, It’s worth choosing it now before pulling the Nintendo plugin.

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