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Update DSiWare: Nintendo removes 250 games without warning

Update DSiWare: Nintendo removes 250 games without warning

Nintendo Removed almost half of the games offered in 2021 and started the year 2021 strong DSiWare, Its digital titles are available on the operating system DSi and 3DS portable consoles. This Come out punching The one who rang the alarm Twitter, Explains Most of the repression took place in North America, But not yet in Europe or Japan.

Listed games Explain that More than 250 games have been removed from DSiWare, Previously available in a total of 448 titles. It is common for manufacturers to remove old games from their virtual store and place them on servers, the ones missing at this time being over 10 years old, but Players specifically point to a lack of contact Nintendo, Who did not warn of change has not yet officially announced anything at this time. Deleted games have cult titles Sante: Risky’s revenge.

If you still have a DSi or 3DS, To avoid disappointment over the next few days, it is a good idea to download your favorite games on your portable console. Enter the modern age, with Switch Light Turquoise Animal Crossing: New Horizon And a three-month subscription Nintendo Switch Online Is on At 219.99 Amazon.

Update : As reported Listed games, Most games removed from DSiWare Now they are back, like magic. Nintendo Not contacted in this case, but it must have been a technical error.

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