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Notes on Nintendo and Breath of the Wild Between Motion Controllers

Notes on Nintendo and Breath of the Wild Between Motion Controllers

Nintendo’s social media monitors provide new information about the different options available in the controls Zelda Skyward Sword HD for a switch The game quotes innovations introduced by the original adventure, and was later adopted in subsequent years by titles such as Zelda Breath of the Wild.

When reconnecting with Reveal de Zelda Skyward Sword HD This happened during the Nintendo Direct in mid-February, and the managers of the Kyoto house’s social profiles reiterate that adoption is one of the most important aspects of this remaster for Switzerland. Dual control program.

The first project will be credited on its basis Wii drive controller And exploiting gyroscopes and accelerometers Two Joy-con Allow the user to aim the sword at the sword and raise the shield, but use a variety of objects and tools such as arrows and grenades.

The second control program, on the other hand, is completely new and “simple” Button and analog layout Play in portable mode with switch light or hybrid console. This way, you can control the sword of the attachment by tilting the right stick in the direction you want.

For those who now approach this topic, Nintendo recalls how Skyward Wall was the designer of many of the innovations that emerged in the Breath of the Wild: the Japanese company paved the way for equipment improvements, endurance and gliding tools (or rather, And cuts) To spread. Release The Legend of Zelda Skyward Wall HD Is scheduled July 16 Exclusively on the switch.

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