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Sun Valley, the biggest update in the history of Windows 10

Sun Valley, the biggest update in the history of Windows 10

Projects around Windows 10 are constantly evolving. Microsoft seems to have made a serious decision. Windows 10X is currently discontinued because Windows 10 21 H2 or Sun Fence is preferred.

Windows 10X, the OS designed to meet the needs of dual screen devices, was due to land this year. According to a new report, this table has been reversed again. The reason is simple. Redmond wants to focus on Windows 10, and especially on its flagship update planned for next fall. This is 21 H2 or even the Sun Fence.

Windows 10X announced in the fall of 2019. At a major event dedicated to its surface product line, Microsoft released ambitious announcements with three new products. At that time, the Surface Dio, Surface Neo and Windows 10X were releasing a new direction for Microsoft with a folding phone and PC and a new operating system. Since then, months have passed and the reality of these ambitious plans has darkened considerably.

Microsoft Windows 10X operating system

Windows 10X Considered a “special” version of the look of the “modern experience” of Windows 10, it faces modern applications with folding or dual screens. Microsoft has confirmed that its OS was initially on the same screen, with traditional devices. This change is the result of several months of postponement, not to say the year, the release of this new form factor.

Since Microsoft originally wanted to focus on Windows 10X, until now, the release of Windows 10X was expected to be a minor update to 21H1’s Windows 10 in the spring of this year.

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Sun Valley, the most important update of Windows 10

According to new information, the plane has sunk again. Microsoft has reportedly decided to postpone the release of Windows 10X. The operating system is no longer planned this year. The focus will now be on 21H2 or the Sun Valley. Why? This version promises to be the most important update in the history of Windows 10. It will offer many new features, upgrades and above all an important one Interface update.

At the same time, the Windows 10X release is getting more and more smooth. Clearly, we have no view around its release. Suddenly, it’s impossible for Microsoft to decide whether to put it in parentheses or drop it. Until this hypothesis is confirmed or not, it is certain that Windows 10 is currently a priority. Its adoption has been significantly accelerated, in part due to the strong demand for equipment (teleworking) due to the health crisis.

Over the years, Microsoft has tried to modernize Windows in different ways. We saw the birth of Windows RT, Windows 10S and Windows 10X. All of this calls into question the relevance of these choices. Is the future of Windows not simply linked to “classic” Windows? The question has to be asked knowing that there is success. Its popularity now exceeds 1, 3 billion users In this world. So, are you really interested in a lite version?