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This was announced very soon

This was announced very soon

After months of silence, TheRemoval of Avelon And many blindfolded people who talked about serious development issues, Dechland promised redistribution New information about Dying Light 2

The appointment is set for next March 17thWe, like you, can’t wait to see the progress the developers have made so far. Meanwhile, the community leaders of the Polish company also tried to close permanently Voices talking about a complex process. Responding to a related message from a fan, they said: “The definition of hellish growth refers to the fact that the process has stopped instead Dying Light 2 is constantly advancing. We have it Announced very soon, But development is far from complicated. “.

In short, according to Deckland, everything is going according to plan, and the only mistake is that the game was announced too soon, prolonging the waiting time for players too much. There is also a development studio Silenced rumors of cancellation Early access made it clear that Die Light 2 would never start and would only hit the shelves when it was finished. Respect the Decland quality.

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