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Summary, Match Report, Moviola and Match Report

Summary, Match Report, Moviola and Match Report

At the Alberto Pico Stadium, the match between Specia and Milan is valid for the 22nd day of Serie A 2020/2021: summary, scoreboard, results, slow motion and live news

It should be an opportunity to extend to Milan, but against Specia it practically does not appear on the pitch. The net dominance of Ligurians filing practice in recovery is thanks to the networks of Magiore and Bastoni. Milan finish the match without even a shot on goal.

Summary Specia Milan 2-0 Moviola

1 ies Parties – The first ball is from Rosonery.

Opportunity for 2 M Milan – Ibrahimovic wins a challenge and flies to the right, with his ball in the middle being blocked by Erlik and discarded.

7 ‘Kiazi Shot – The helmet of the forward center of the Ligurians prevents the center of the tonarumma.

11 the opportunity for the species – Aguillo gets the ball to the edge of the area and Romaknoli slips, but the hosts do not take advantage of the attacker being rescued by Gajar and simultaneously exiting the tonarumma.

13 ‘Saponara’s shot – The attacking midfielder gets the ball to the edge of the area, takes the ball to the right and finishes towards the goal! Donorumma chases a cat compulsively.

26 The Theo Hernandez Drow – The end of the Frenchman’s head on a cross from Calhanoclu, the ball ends its run to the side of the goal that Provedel defended.

Opportunity for 29 M Milan – Chailmakers throw Leo deep, his cross in the middle is deflected by a guard in a corner.

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30 ‘shot by Romagnoli – A.C. Milan’s captain touched the head and finished on a nearby post, but made a corner growth out.

36 ‘Major Shot – Around the captain of the Specia, high ball.

38 ‘La Specia Counter Attack – Acudello gets the ball in the trocar and points to Romaknoli, passing Esteves who ends up in the returning Rosoneri captain.

45 ‘First Half Completed – Sifi decides to finish the first part of the race.

46 ‘Saponara’s shot – Dalt rejects the hosts playmaker’s diagonal decision.

53 ‘Stick Shot – Khajar deflects the ball into the corner.

56 ‘Specia’s target – Aguero steals the ball and serves Kiazi to return it to him, dropping it to Magior in front of Donorumma in support of Richie, reaching zero with the empty net. Wonderful goal from Specia.

Destination of 67 ‘Species – The Ligurians plan with Estevez to die behind Pastoni, ending with a large left to put bags behind Donarumma.

Opportunity for 80 M Milan – Ibrahimovic complains about being dragged in the penalty area, and the referee does not award Sifi a fine after he’s got OK.

89 ‘Three Minute Recovery – Sify dictates another 90 seconds of the race.

90 + 2 Dro de Mandzukic – Mandzukic, who led the broad-based party, was sentenced to a remote position in Castilejo.

90 + 3 Agambora Cross – End from the outside to the area corresponding to the cross section of the poles.

Man of the Match: Acutelo Report cards

Specia Milan 2-0: Results and Match Report

Networking: 56 Major, 67 sticks

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Spice (4-3-3). Provodel, Vignali, Erlick, Ismajli, Bastoni; Magior (83 ‘Agambora), Richie, Estevez; Saponara, Acudello, Kiazi; Available: Sode, Ramos, Marchisa, Capratosi, Sapot, Del Oroko, Agambora, Akum, D’Souza Sena, Bobeca, Verde, Kalabinov. Coach: Vincenzo Italian.

Milan (4-2-3-1). Donarumma, Talot, Khajer (64 ′ Domori), Romaknoli, Theo Hernandez; Pennasser (64 ‘Meet), Kessie; Salemakers (82 ‘Hawk), Calhanoglu (82’ Costillejo), Rafael Leo (64 ‘Mandzukic); Ibrahimovic. Available: Tatarusanu, A. Donarumma, Kapia, Kalulu, Domori, Donali, Mead, Castillejo, Hawk, Chronic, Mandzukic. Coach: Stefano Pioli.

Warnings: Vignali, Bastoni, Erlick, Talot

Note: Sify