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Why Nintendo has another monumental Switch hit with BOTW2

In 2017, the Nintendo Switch was released to much fanfare. It was an amazing console with a cool concept. It was a portable platform but at the same time, it was a home console as well. The game that came with the launch was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

It was an open-world action role-playing game where you controlled Link who was on a quest to save Hyrule from Ganon. It was a big hit back then because it showcased what Nintendo has worked hard to do over the years. It also proved that the Switch was a big hitter with its exclusive titles.

Breath of the Wild 2 is the obvious sequel for the first game and both Link and Zelda will be important pieces in the story. This game is popular enough to warrant online casino games being made to simulate the BOTW atmosphere. If you are looking for games aside from your favourite online casino slots, you should look at BOTW and see the hype for yourself.

BOTW2 will be another masterstroke from Nintendo

With BOTW, Nintendo struck gold by reinventing The Legend of Zelda into an open-world RPG akin to the big hits like The Witcher 3 and Skyrim. Despite the comparisons, BOTW still captured the essence of a true Nintendo flagship and BOTW2 will be no different.

The imagination that went into creating that kind of game is probably endless. With a new game in the series, you can expect that it will have the same fundamentals. You should have more fun with BOTW2 because it deserves the attention, especially with how good the first one was and how it’s still a high-quality game after a few years.

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The Switch’s potential has been fully realized now

Ever since BOTW was released, the Switch has only improved on its strengths. You can always rely on the console to perform well with flagship titles but you can expect that BOTW2 will use all of the Switch’s strengths to its advantage.

The Switch has been regularly tested since it was released in 2017. You should expect that the Switch is fully-developed right now because Nintendo has plans of upgrading it as well given that there are rumours about a Switch Pro. Since there is legitimate competition out there with the Stream Deck, it will be interesting to see how Nintendo responds.

Nintendo always steps up for flagship games

During that 2017 run, Nintendo was at its peak level. They released both BOTW and Super Mario Odyssey which also ended in the Game of the Year shortlist. BOTW2 is going to be great and Nintendo is prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure it is met with great acclaim.

This is the same way with games like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart because the company respects how their games have turned out to be successes. You should expect that Nintendo will do their best to keep their core fanbase happy.

Those are just some of the reasons why you should play these alongside your casino slots.