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Strange denial of owner

Strange denial of owner

An incredible discovery made by pure chance, the real tomb of Porsche abandoned in a place of doubt: the owner’s bizarre denial

Porsche 928 (Getty Images)

The story makes you gasp, the same reaction Steve Roden When he saw himself in front of a real tomb Porsche 928. An incredible scene he saw when he was looking for the right place for an American show. In an unexpected place Roden He saw 13 in front of his eyes Porsche, Abandoned and exposed to elements of time. A real treasure to rust under water and air.

An invention that will surely attract many car collectors who are willing to spend a considerable amount of money to catch one of the thirteen cars of the German brand. A model made in the late 70s and mid 90s, it may be of great value now. However, unfortunately, the desire of collectors to get their hands on a porch found on land in the United States goes unfulfilled.

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Abandoned Porsche Cemetery: Owner’s Strange Decision

Viral after discovering the tomb of the abandoned Porsche 928s, thanks to Steve for posting the photos Roden, The owner objected to any explicit denial of any hypothesis to sell or redeem them.

Click here for photos of the abandoned Porsche

His wish, in fact, was to give up Thirteen Porsches Abandoned on friend’s land. After all, the same man, after hearing that cars can be temporarily parked on the ground, did not return to pick them up. Also, despite being famous for his cars, he does not seem to have changed his mind: the 928s should be there without being able to buy or redeem.

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