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MONARK Released on February 22, 2022, New Trailer Released • Nintendo Connect

MONARK Released on February 22, 2022, New Trailer Released • Nintendo Connect

The last MONARCH-Trailer Introduced character cast And yet talked about a release in the spring of 2022 – now we already know more. According to the newsletter currently available to us, it appears MONARCH So on February 22, 2022.

Players: Go inside to fight the mysterious enemies from the other world. Who are these mysterious enemies? What are your motivations? Can we stand against them with our allies? The new “Enemies” trailer on YouTube provides answers to these questions, or we’ll find out more about NIS America in the near future. MONARCH February 22, 2022 Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. Watch the trailer released today here:

About Monarch

In MONARCH Players must not only face external threats, they must resist themselves! Shin Mikado Academy is shrouded in a terrible fog. Players must develop their ego and break contracts imposed by contractors. This is the only way to combat degenerative fog.

Shin Mikado Academy is shrouded in a mysterious and deadly fog. To help the friends trapped there, the players have to move away from the real world and into another world full of ghosts. In this intriguing domain, the Vanity Commission should specifically summon the Finds Battalion. The power of evil depends on the ego of the master.


  • Immerse yourself in madness: Switch between worlds – explore the fog in the real world or fight in the mysterious other world. Call allies for help, fight enemies and reveal the secrets of the academy. Are you going crazy and destroying your self?
  • Fog and beyond: Immerse yourself in a dark zone where reality collides with you. Mysterious worlds come to life with a surreal, dark neo-fantasy style and their characters.
  • Power of Self: Strengthen your ego and change the appearance of your villains and their abilities. Unlock the various cheats you send to battle. The free tactical system allows you to position units on the battlefield in such a way that it rains havoc on your enemies.

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